If you are one of the lucky people who we invited to stay on the campsite, here's some information. If you are not staying at the campsite, there are many other options for accommodations.

We rate the rooms somewhere between a half star and one star. You won't find a mattress that's thicker than 2 inches anywhere on the grounds. You will be sleeping either in the Swallow lodge or the Orchard cabins. The lodge has 9 small rooms, most of which have 2 bunk beds per room and a total of 2.5 shared bathrooms. The Orchard cabins have enough room for 10 people each, and people staying there will use a separate washhouse. There also are 9 small cabins with 4 beds a piece (see the photo below). They're like wooden tents on platforms, and there's a washhouse a short walk away. You wouldn't have to stay in one of those cabins unless you want to get away from it all. There is also room for tents if you want to camp.

You'll need to bring bedding, a pillow, towels, and bug spray. It gets cooler at night, so be prepared for that. We'll provide basic but sufficient meals for everyone staying at Circle Pines, from Friday lunch through Sunday brunch. In exchange, we hope you'll pitch in and help sweep up the cabins, clean some dishes, or chop wood. Besides that, all you'll need to do is get yourself to Circle Pines. This is should be lots of fun!